Oct 29, 2005

Different Crosses

'Why do Catholic Churches have Crucifix instead of an empty Cross?' - A question frequently asked by local non-Catholics and non-Christians.

When I was still spiritually immature, I hate to have this question being thrown at me. I would avoid it whenever and wherever I could. Now, it's totally different. As I grew up in God's fantastic love, I understood why Catholics use Crucifixes instead of an empty Cross.

For Protestants, an empty cross means the Resurrection of Christ. It's a proof that Jesus is alive today. Yes, we Catholics certainly agree and believe that He is risen. But is this what Christianity is all about? A risen Christ? Of course not. Catholics believe in something more powerful - the very reason behind Christ's Resurrection.

Why did Jesus come to this lowly Earth in the first place? Why did Jesus choose to die in the first place? And why did Jesus choose to die ON A CROSS - such a shameful death - in the first place? There is no other reason than His LOVE for us.

Everytime I gaze at the Crucifix, it reassures me again and again, that God loves me. His love has gone to the extend of dying a shameful death on the Cross...just for ME!

There is only ONE message behind Christ's death and resurrection:"For God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son..." John 3:16

As you lift up your heads and set your eyes upon the Crucifix, don't forget to give Him thanks and simply whisper 'I love you too' from your heart.
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