Oct 23, 2005

Closing of the Eucharist Year

At 9am sharp this morning, the Archdiocese of Kuching celebrated the Mass for the closing of the Year of the Eucharist at the Amphitheatre. People started filling the empty open-air theatre at 8am. As I was part of the choir, I had the chance to sit inside a canopy on the stage, but unable to have a good view of the altar because I was sitting at the back row.

It was a miracle. God always has things planned well ahead, isn't he? It was raining pretty heavily at 7am, but it stopped 1/2 hour before the Mass begin! Sunny and hot? Not at all! The Lord sent us cloud covers that blocked out the hot sun, and a gentle breeze throughout the Mass! The Mass ended with procession back to the St. Joseph Cathedral.

I've never been to such a Mass with throngs of people, and with over 20 priests and 2 Archbishops celebrating the Mass together. It was a good experience. Is World Youth Day Mass something like this too? The Archbishop reminded us that the Eucharist represents Love. We shouldn't stop loving because the Year has come to an end. Instead, we should continue to let the Body and Blood of Christ nourish us and live in His love. So the saying goes, "Receive what you are, and become what you receive." (St. Augustine)

I managed to get some snapshots throughout the Mass when we were outdoor. Not much, but enough as remembrance. Ok, no more talking, picture time!

The congregation that were coming in quickly. Took the photo from the choir stage, that was where the Altar and the plastic chairs were for the priests (white) and altar servers (brown).

The flower girls, they sprinkled little flowers and leaves on the ground during the procession. Owh, we also have the flower boys! Not in the pic, though. Aren't they cute? Hehe.

Procession back to St.Joseph Cathedral. I didn't know how far we walked from Amphitheatre to the Cathedral because I was busy looking at my song sheet.

The Thanksgiving Dance. Took place right after Thanksgiving hymns. Sarawak Catholics are made up of the many different races - the Chinese, the Indians and the indeginous people/groups. The dancers were dressed up according to the ethnic groups. This kind of dance is very common for important Masses eg. Gawai Thanksgiving Mass, Christmas, Easter (in that Cathedral and some Kampungs [villages] only).

The St. Joseph Cathedral. Taken from the Choir section. After Mass, everyone was rushing out to get their cars. They didn't want to block others. Usually the priests will be meeting and greeting the parishioners outside the church. I wanted to show you the most handsome priest I've ever met here, but too bad I couldn't get his pic! And our choir conductor (not in the pic, I still haven't got much 'paparrazi skills') too.. gosh he's so CUTE!!! Hehehe...

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