Oct 8, 2005

Startling Truth!

I was skimming through the book 'Heaven Is So Real' just a few minutes ago and saw this frightening truth that causes me to tremble in fear. If what the author has recorded in the book are real, then all non-Christians are in deep trouble. These were the words the Lord told Choo Thomas when He brought her to visit hell...

"The reason I am showing this to you, My daughter, is so that you will fully
understand that no matter how good people are, they will go to hell if they do
not accept Me." - Heaven Is So Real, pg.52

The Lord also added that He wanted 'believers everywhere to preach the gospel.'

If this is true, there is no excuse for us Christians not to preach the gospel, unless we want our loved ones to suffer in hell. And that would also mean one thing: only those who believe and accept Him as God and Saviour can be saved.

Do something. We might not have much time.
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