Oct 3, 2005

The Choral Concert

That's the concert I've been talking about in one of my previous posts. Honestly, I'm a little regreted for taking part in the concert. If I knew this was a money-making concert to promote IMH (no... you don't wanna know what that is), I wouldn't have 'contributed' my voice and time, yet what did I gain? Fame? Praise? Wealth? Free meals? Nope, NOTHING! Did I feel excited or nervous during the concert (since I miss so many practices and only went for one rehearsal)? NOT AT ALL!!!! It was nothing to me, even though I wasn't really familiar with one or two of the songs and I could't really remember the lyrics. Why? Maybe I found out that the concert was for generating more money.

LUCKILY I didn't feel so BAD or else I might have demonstrated (well, I would if I wanted to). Another realisation after I started fuming with anger: Hey, 5 great love songs for God have just been registered in the library of my brain! If not because of this concert, will I ever have a chance to learn these songs/hymns? Exactly, it's a NO! So... THANKs AND PRAISEs BE TO GOD for the great opportunity given me to be exposed to more hymns!!!!

I shall not be talking the concert because my friend and fellow choir member has blogged perfectly on this event, so why not pay her blog a visit? I shall be showing you some photos I took before and during the concert. Sorry to say that I don't have any photos of the choir singing. Well, there wasn't enough time to find a trusted person to hand over my camera to. Ok, here are the photos. Remember to drop by my friend's blog and read the detailed description of the event.

First of all, introducing you to... Mr. Reginard and Mdm. Venus from Philippines... our vocal trainer. The two of them have done a great job. Thank God we have such talents in the Catholic church!

The stage... before everyone else (performers and audiences) arrived, I had the opportunity to snap a pic of the stage and imagined myself standing up there.

The full name of the event

Mdm. Pricilla from the Philippines. When I met her for the first time during the rehearsal, I thought to myself, 'What on earth is this ah mah (old grandmother) doing here? Is she the relative of someone here?' But then I found out that she's the soloist for 'Laudate Dominum' and when I heard her voice... OH GOSH... *with dropped jaw* was unthinkably NICE! [One
lesson for me to learn - don't judge others by their appearance!]

The trio. I was greatly attracted by the boy with the tuxedo. That was my first time seeing a real tuxedo. And wasn't he smart in that tux? =) His voice was... WOW... (you know what I mean, don't you?)

Last but not least, that's the choir. This was taken right after the concert when Mrs. Geraldine Law-Lee came up to the stage to congratulate everyone for the great singing.

The Choral Concert was on 1st October, 8p.m. Malaysian time.

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