Oct 22, 2005

Travelling Through A Storm

What a week.

Three assignments to hand in. Only managed to finish each of them the night before they were dued. It wasn't last minute, just didn't manage to finish them earlier.

Presentation. Something I really HATE. What else? of course I screwed it up by reading the notes and not speaking fluently. Only started preparing 3 hours before the presentation.

My 'twin' friend started a 'cold war' with me for being a little rude with her. Among all my friends she knew me better and the longest , yet she doesn't know that I'm always cold when I'm in a bad mood? Crap. Do I have to apologise again? I think she should apologise! Crap.

Couldn't stand all the pressure. I broke down and cried. How I wished I had a shoulder to cry on.
It was such a hard week. No, it was a terrible and horrible week.

[The soundtrack of "Jewel in the Palace" plays in my mp3, reminding me of how the girl overcame all the hardships.]

But it's over now. At least for the time being. *Sighs of relief* One more assignment to be submitted two weeks from now. Well, same problem again. I cannot find much information. SIX hours on the net but the info I found isn't enough still. Am looking for how French celebrate Easter and Assumption of Our Lady. How I wish I have friends from France.

Sometimes I hope I don't have to go through all these. But I'm thankful that I always have a safe landing. Thank You, Lord.
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