Oct 13, 2005


A friend talked to her fiance over the phone. I could see the joy in her eyes.

Was watching a Korean drama. The lovers ran into each other's arms after a long separation.

A picture of the same Korean drama. The guy tenderly held the hands of the girl he loved.

My housemate and his girlfriend. They joked and laughed with and at each other.

A TV show. The guy gazed into the girl's eyes with love.

How I wish I have someone whom I can run to. Someone whose shoulders I can lean on. Someone whose hands I can trust mine to. Someone who would look into my eyes and whisper the three special words into my ears. Someone PHYSICALLY present by my side.

It would be really really nice if Jesus is still walking on Earth today. Those scenes reminded me of Him.

How I wish I could talk to Him over the phone.
How I wish I could run into His arms.
How I wish I could hold His hands, and never letting go.
How I wish I could gaze into His eyes and fall in love with Him again and again.
How I wish I could hear Him say 'I love you',
And how I wish I could see Him with my human eyes!

Does He know that I'm desperate for Him spiritually and physically?
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