Feb 2, 2006

2006 Catholic Blog Awards

Do you particularly like any Catholic blogs? Then, why not nominate them for the Catholic Blog Awards 2006? There are only 2 days left, so hurry up! Or... you can cast your votes for your favourite blog(s). Let us give the good bloggers our fullest support! ;)

Who, of all the bloggers around the world, wouldn't like to be acknowledged to have the best blog? When I first started out blogging, I had the same dream too. But right now, I have a different perception. I'm a casual blogger who is just blogging on what I've seen and heard and my opinion. I have a limited use of English, sometimes I even have difficulties expressing my thoughts. Information wise, not much have my blog provided. All in all, I believe my blog is the worst of all Catholic blogs. And certainly, I do not deserve any awards. Honestly, being a blogger has also helped me with my faith. I contemplate more, I observe more, I read more, I notice more, and I understand more. Most importantly, I also get to interact with other faithful Catholics and learn from them. I really enjoy being part of the blogging community, but I won't be dreaming of an award, not now, nor in the future. My only hope is that people will get to see the life and cultures of Malaysian Catholics. God bless.
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