Feb 18, 2006

Q & A about Mary and the Saints I

I've been following some arguments regarding the Catholic doctrines at Moneybags' blog, and felt rather depressed by the unwillingness of protestants to accept the Truth. Thanks God, that always at these times, He would let me find some references from books and this time, I found a booklet containing answers to almost ALL questions frequently asked by the Protestants. Believe it or not, I noticed that every generation of Protestants asks the same questions repeatedly in the last decade. I'll be copying the texts exactly from the booklet called "Virgin and Statue Worship: Quizzes to A Street Preacher," written and compiled by Fr.Chas. M. Carty and Rev. Dr. L. Rumble in the year 1976. I would encourage all Catholics to get a copy of this booklet and learn from it. I would also be posting questions on other aspects e.g. The True Church, Eucharist etc., after I'm finished with this topic.

Okay, without wasting much time, here are the FAQs. So enjoy reading and contemplating on them [Remember, what you are reading are not MY words, but words from the priests who wrote the booklet].


Q26: Why are Protestants, who believe in Scripture, so convinced that Mary had other children?

A: They are not inspired by love for Christ, or for the mother of Christ, or for Scripture in their doctrine. Their main desire is to maintain a doctrine differing from that of the Catholic Church. But it is a position which is rapidly going out of fashion. Learned Protestants scholars today deny as emphatically as any Catholic that Mary had other children. When Our Lord, dying on the cross, commended His mother to the care of St.John, He did so precisely because He was her only child, and He know that Mary had no other children to care for her. The idea that Mary had other Children is disrespectful to the Holy Spirit who claimed and sanctify her as His sanctuary. It insults Christ, who was the only-begotten of His Heavenly Father. It insults Mary, who would have been guilty of a great ingratitude to God, if she threw away the gift of virginity which God had so carefully preserved for her in the conception of Christ. It insults St. Joseph. God had told him by an angel to take Mary to wife, and that the child to be born of her had no earthly father but was the very Son of God. God merely gave St. Joseph the privilege of protecting her good name amongst the undiscerning Jews, and He chose a God-fearing man who would respect her. Knowing that her child was God Himself in human form, Joseph would at once regard her as on a plane far superior to that of any ordinary human being, and to him, as to us, the mere thought of her becoming a mother to merely earthly children would have seemed a sacrilege.

Q33: You speak as if Jesus looks on His mother just as you look on your mother.

A: As surely as my mother is my mother, He knows that His mother is His mother; and He treats her such.

Q34: Jesus was a good son but he recognized only one being, the onmipotent God.

A: Had He ignored Mary He would not have been a very good son, nor would He had much respect for God who said, "Honour thy father and thy mother." Christ was a perfect example of virtue in all things. And if He did not recognize Mary, why did He go down to Nazareth and be subjected to her? Why did he perform His first miracle at her request? And why did He make such special provision for her at the moment of His death?


That's all for now. I can't keep my eyes open anymore! God bless.
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