Feb 22, 2006

An unpleasant week...

Everything did not go very well this week. I am supposed to be doing revision for my mid-term exam tomorrow, but look what I am doing?! Typing away on the keyboard. Oh well, just stressed out, I guess.

What I have been through yesterday and this morning let me realize something: a person might seem to be nice at first, but time will show the real self of that person. I thought my supervisor is a nice and kind and helpful person, but I was wrong. Feel kind of disappointed when I found out this about him. Looks like I would have to do things my own way and avoid discussing some matters with him. Lord, please help me with my final year project!

Let's change the topic instead. What do you think of the Q & A about Mary? Useful, I hope? I have not finished with it yet, but once I did, I will be posting something on the Church and the Pope. Oh yes.. if you are wondering why I have not been updating my blog, simply look at the sidebar for my location or my situation. If I am in the campus, the probability for me to post is very small.

I guess I have identified the reason of me being depressed... my supervisor's attitude. I will try my best to forget about this issue for tonight, or else I will have difficulties in doing revision. Please kindly remember me in your prayers.

God bless!
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