Feb 5, 2006

Two more months

Finally... tomorrow I'll be back in campus again. Aarrrghh.. how I wish I have longer holidays! One week doesn't seem to be enough!

And the battle continues.

Yes, another two months. Another two months and I'll have to present my thesis. And after the presentation (which I'm NOT looking forward to at all, because I have extreme stage fright - anyone have any suggestions or 'remedy' for that disorder of mine?), I'll be......... FREEEEEEEE!!! My convocation would most probably be in September.

*Sigh* I shouldn't be so happy, honestly speaking. The end of one stage of life means the beginning of another. That would also mean my arrival at the crossroad. I'm still praying for an answer - where to now, Lord?

My busy life will not stop me from blogging. Nor will it stop me from loving Him. One of my new year resolutions is to grow in holiness and perfection, for Him.

Okay, no more crapping... time to get back to my work. Also not forgetting to pray for: 1. Holy Father's intentions for the month of February; 2. For all who aspire after perfection and holiness; 3. All students who are graduating this year; 4. For those who are sick (specially remembering Ukok and family); 5. For all unbelievers, and 6. Feel free to add your own intentions.

God bless.

Photo courtesy of Catholic Youth Networking
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