Feb 24, 2006

Becoming a Carmelite Nun...

Nay.. not yet. *grinned* But I'm going to meet them real soon, this Sunday!! Yay!! It is indeed a joy to be able to go there and meet them again. I just can't wait till Sunday comes... wait a minute, how am I supposed to get there? I have no transport! Hmm... anyhow, I'm going there by hook or by crook!

I'm now sitting comfortably in a cybercafe, transferring some photos of the past field trip from my friend. I need them in my report. Oh gosh... I wonder why the photos she took are so large that they take so much time to download. *sigh* Doesn't matter. Let me do some crappings here

I was wondering, is this a coincidence, or God is arranging this meeting for me? The President of Secular Carmelite (of Kuching) has called me a few times asking to meet me but then and always - the transport problem. My parents hate it when I talk about being a religious sister, and so they are kind of unwilling to send me to Carmelite to meet the sisters (or anyone there). Please remember them in your prayers... thanks!

A friend called me yesterday to inform me about this meeting. It has been one year since I last heard of the sisters and from them. Kind of miss them. I have an unutterable joy when I'm given the opportunity to talk to them. They are just so different, so inspiring, ever so joyful... and it was from them that I realized that those who serve the Lord ever so faithfully and humbly, He makes them a people of joy.

Now there are two things I'm considering right now: a Secular Carmelite or a Consecrated Virgin. Let's just see what God would reveal to me this time.

Alrights, time to leave. I'll be leaving for home in 4 hours. You'll then get the latest Q & A about Mary and the saints.

God bless you and your weekend!
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