Feb 26, 2006

Taking a leave...

I'll be taking a leave next week from the blogging world again, due to:
  • The 3 days 2 nights trip to Bako National Park, organized by our Coastal Zone Management lecturer. She intended this trip to be a short vacation for the students besides learning the management system in that National Park. I kind of blame her for this -- vacation at a wrong time. I certainly understand that she has a good purpose, but the timing is wrong. Right now I'm more concerned with my thesis than relaxing. Unhappy? Yeah. But do I have a choice? I'm only hoping that I would not miss Sunday Mass.

  • A final field sampling for my thesis. Oh well, I'm still not confirmed if I would be going. The weather has been pretty bad (raining everyday without fail) in the weekends. If it still rains tomorrow, I'll be calling up the lab assistant and asking him to cancel the trip. I won't be able to do anything if the level of water in the river is too high and current too strong.

  • I'm attending the ALPHA course on Tuesday night. Oh well, I'm supposed to attend. But due to the unavailability of transport (I'd be in the campus then), I need to see if any of my fellow Youth member is willing to give me a lift (campus -> church -> campus: approximately 1 hour).

  • Midterm exam on Thursday. Oh gosh, I don't think I can remember all the scientific names for all kind of fishes listed in the lecture notes. Help me, Lord!!!

Met the Carmelite sisters in the afternoon. They had the same programme like last year, so nothing new to me. The funny thing is, they have really good memory -- they remember my name, even after a year long! Bravo, sisters!

Regarding the discerning of my vocation, I've got the answer to my questions. Let me briefly describe the procedure: Interested candidates are to attend the Secular Carmelites' monthly meeting for 3 months (trial period). If attendance is good, one is to attend all the other monthly meetings for minimun 2 1/2 years to make one's 1st promise. And if the attendance for the meeting is good continuously for another 3 years, the last promise is made (gosh I forgot what it is called!). Ahh, whatever it is, I'm satisfied with what I've got this afternoon and I'll be keeping the desire and thought behind first until I graduate successfully... 2 more months to go!

Alrights, enough with all the craps. Back to my revision. I don't want to extend another semester!!

God bless your week ahead.
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