May 23, 2006

The Da Vinci Code... revisited

The other day, I was talking to a senior youth about the Da Vinci Code and asking him whether he has seen the movie or read the novel. That is still the hottest topic among Catholics here.

His answer was unexpected, as always. I was expecting him to tell me not to read or even watch the movie. Instead, he encouraged me to read the book. Here's a little conversation of ours:

Him: I've read the book myself. And I was laughing all the way through. Really wondered how Dan Brown is able to twist and turn truths into a whole pool of lies. You should read the book too.

Me: Huh? You serious?

Him: Yeah. Why should I joke? You know that Jesus really died on the Cross on Good Friday. You know that He resurrected on Easter morning. You know the Truth! Then what are you afraid of? The book can do you no harm at all!

Me: Oh yes, I will read the book, but do you know where I can get the "Decoding Da Vinci Code" book?

Him: Why do you need the "Decode" book? It's just a waste of money to buy that book! You don't need it!

Me: How do you explain why there are Christians who left the Church after reading the book?

Him: They don't know enough of the Faith. That's why they are so easily misled by the lies. For you and I, our faith is well grounded and we have experienced Christ's love personally. So don't worry. If you know anyone of your friends having the book, just borrow it from them. Don't ever waste your money buying it.

I do agree with him on one thing. Many Christians or even Catholics have stopped believing and left the church after reading this book because they did not know enough of the Christian/Catholic faith.

So if you know that you are just a 'beginner' in this journey with God, perhaps you should NOT read the book. Or even watch the movie.

Photo courtesy Petalia.
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