May 24, 2006

When homosexual becomes this close...

While I was taking a little break from work, surfing and checking mails and news in the lab today, my best pal popped up and we chatted for a while. To make long story short, he gave me a link (to a blog) and asked me to look there, which I did. Besides looking at what he asked me to look at, a post caught my eye.

“A review of all Malaysian laws governing homosexual behaviour.”

Wow, amazing. I’ve been a Malaysian for so long but little did I know that there are laws regarding homosexual! I thought to myself and in hope of reading what I hope it would be, I clicked the link to that particular post.

To my disappointment… Malaysia is AGAINST homosexual ACTS or BEHAVIOURS, but homosexual is still NOT ILLEGAL (although homosexual marriage is still not recognized).

I even found out later that that blog belongs to a… you know what I mean. And also have I realized something else - homosexual has already invaded Malaysia (a proof that Malaysia is no longer a conservative country) and it has started rooting. What a scary fact!!

I don’t know if I should consider myself as being blessed. I’ve been asking a few close friends about this question: What if your best friend suddenly tells you one day that he’s got a new lover, and that person is a guy? What would be your reaction? Although I’ve got positive responses from my friends (most of them Christians), saying that they might not be able to accept it at first but will slowly do so since it is so common these days, I found it almost impossible to accept it (even though it has been a month or two now since he told me so).

Now you see, I’m a Catholic who abides by God’s law. But my best pal seems to be my worst ‘enemy’ in many things… he loves to call himself “Prince of Darkness”, a name which is used to address Satan; worst still, he is practicing homosexuality.

I really don’t know what to do now. Should I just end this friendship that has lasted more than 10 years? No way! I really cherish him as a friend, and it is so un-catholic for me to leave him because of this reason. Then what if he’s ‘getting married’ one day and I’m invited (I’m pretty sure I would be invited), should I go for his wedding ceremony?

Amidst all these worries I’ve been having for months now, I thank the Lord for the opportunity to see and experience for myself the anguish many people (e.g. parents for gays and lesbians) have. I may not know what His plan is for me, but still I thank Him for this invaluable experience and an eye opener. However, Father, please I pray You that their hearts and minds will be opened to Your love one day, if You willed it. Amen.

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