May 4, 2006

If you're single and you're living in Kuching...

... and you're considering or curious of religious life in Carmelite. There will be a special meeting with the Carmelite nuns on 7th May (Vocation Sunday), from 10:30am-5.30pm. Lunch and tea breaks provided. It's totally free. You will get to see the conditions and life in the Carmelite monastry through a video recorded by the nuns themselves, and you will be able to meet all the sisters who live in the monastry and talk to them!

Inviting all girls and ladies who are still single (but if you're married and you're still interested, you're welcomed too!). You can drop me a mail (check my profile) before Saturday 6th May for any further information and for registration (the sisters need to know how many people will be present).

Help us spread the word around! Thank you!

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