May 13, 2006

Should I, or should I not?

A week from now The Da Vinci Code will be in cinemas.

Should I or should I not go for it? If the Malaysian government bans the movie, then should I grab the novel instead?

What has been on my mind is this: How can I defend my own Faith if I don't know what are written in the novel? How can I clear the doubts of my friends without reading this book? And besides, I want to know how serious this book is in influencing Christians. But I fear... what if I also stop believing God after reading this novel?

One thing for sure, before I start reading this book or going for the movie, I'll hunt for the book The Da Vinci Deception first so that right after I finish The Da Vinci Code/movie, I can read the other book to identify the false 'teachings' and to prevent myself from dropping into the Devil's trap.

Have anyone of you fellow Catholics/Christians out there who have read the book? What advice would you give me? Is it okay for me to read the book?

I'm still praying about this and hopefully the Lord will guide me through.
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