May 13, 2006

Story behind my absence

Finally, I'm back to blogging again.

My presentation was over. I did fine and was satisfied with it. That means I've finally graduated. No more learning by heart (which I hate a lot). No more stressful moments. No more deadlines to meet. Time for a long holiday before I decide what to do next.

However, things were not as I've expected. Life is never a bed of roses. I've been facing weeks of difficult moments since the day I finished with presentation. I accepted the job of a research assisstant (for a month only) offered by my supervisor's wife, another lecturer who knows me. Little did I know that I would be handling things that I've never done before. I have to blame myself for jumping into it without asking the Lord for His opinion and whether it was His Will. So I took the job and worked like crazy -- I skipped breakfast and lunch, and sometimes dinner too. I started work early but went home late. Since I'm new to the experiments I'm handling, I worked slow and in fear. The worst thing was that there was no one in the lab except me, so I have to work all alone without help. Fortunately, a friend of mine noticed how depressed I was and suggested that I ask the lecturer to hire another research assisstant to help me out, which I did. I thank the Lord for the friends He sent me during my darkest hours. I was overjoyed when another friend (who knows much better than me in the field of chemistry) came into the lab and told me that she has accepted the job to help me. Finally, tears of depression turned into tears of joy! Thank You, Father, for not desserting me!

That friend told me that she was the one who set up the whole experiment in the beginning, and it was also a hard time for her. Another Masters student also said the same thing to me -- it wasn't an easy job at all. If these two experts said the job isn't easy, then it is certainly tougher for me since I'm just a beginner! Even though there's internet connection in the lab, I didn't have any spare time to get online at all, no time to lose! Now, at least I can relax a little and the two of us managed to finish all analysis in one day! Praise the Lord for that!

Guess I must have missed a lot of news in the Catholic world. I'm planning to go to the lab earlier every morning to get myself updated while waiting for my friend to arrive. Or perhaps, someone can update me on the recent happenings.

My dearest Friend and Saviour, I thank You for the many blessings You have showered me and Your very presence when I'm in need. I don't know how to thank You enough! Let me offer up tomorrow's Mass as thanksgiving and a sacrifice of praise. Father, I have been such a child of little faith but never have You given up on me. Thank You for the friends You sent me, their words of encouragement and their being there. My Beloved Mother, thank You for always praying with and for me. Amen!

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