May 14, 2006

Let's BOYCOTT!!!!

I received this email from Esteven. It came to me just in time! Read on, and do let me know what you think. I'm still trying to put opinions from different people together so as to decide whether or not I should read the book. I have already gotten rid of the thought of watching the movie, but I'm still considering the book.

Hell's Latest Production:
The Da Vinci Code
(Also Known As)
"A Load of Nonsense"

Any Catholic reading this post now should strongly consider boycotting the up-coming screening of the movie- Da Vinci Code.

The movie explicitly ignores and disrespects the Catholic Church. Furthermore, it is full of mistakes and may- if not will- orient people away form the Church.

It is high time that Catholics (and Protestants) all around the world unite to fight for the very one thing we have in common- Our love for Jesus Christ. This is our belief. It may not be the world's, but freedom of religion is a basic human right and therefore, should jolly well be respected.

Take Islam, Hinduism or any other religion for example. Any attempt to insult their belief or founder would spark widespread fury and anger. They would not be simply discussing the matter or typing blog entries like this one... they'll make it PAINFULLY clear to the entire world.

Maybe it is because of OUR founder's loving and forgiving nature that has made us what we are. And it is simply this loving and forgiving nature of our's that the secular world is trying to exploit.

I'm not asking anyone to send death threats to the movie's producers or to Dan Brown, because that wouldn't even be biblical.

I'm simply asking all who profess to be Christian to boycott the film when it is released. Let the world know our displeasure. Hurt the production's economics by not spending S$8.50 (RM10 in Malaysia) on that Golden Villaige movie ticket and put it into the offertory box on Sunday.

I strongly warn those who watch it. So much is at stake here... Our faith will be put to the test during the movie. I don't know if I'll remain a Catholic all my life, so do priests and religious. What makes you think the devil will not make a quick buck on that day when you're comfortable seated in the comforts of the theater hall? Don't continue with the belief that that movie is only entertainment and harmless. It is Atomic!

Likewise, do not say that you want to watch it to gain better understanding. All we need to lead a healthy Christian life is to 1) snack on the Word of God- The Bible, 2) to invoke the Holy Spirit each day for the necessary graces and 3) frequently receive the Sacraments.

There is no need to put our faith to the test by watching Hell's latest production. If you really want to defend the faith, then go pick up a copy of any Da Vinci Code Apologetics book from your local bookstore or from a Catholic Media Centre.

Did you know that Saint John Vianny once said, "Blesphemy is the language of Hell." It indeed is and blesphemy against the almighty, supreme God of heaven and earth is evidently present in our day and age.

The movie Da Vinci Code is probably the climax of all blesphemy.

With strong faith and conviction in the Risen Christ, let us not buy lies from the father of lies or his instruments. Instead, let us believe firmly in the truth because it is the truth that sets us free. Accept the truth that is Jesus Christ, our Risen Lord and Savior.

If we have professed the title Christian and if the spirit has bore witness in our hearts that we are sons and daughters of God, stand up now and defend the beautiful faith that our Lord Jesus Christ instituted more than 2000 years ago.

Do not watch Hell's latest production, put that money to better good use.

Author: Paul Domingo Molina

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