May 29, 2006

I watched DaVinci Code!

Errrm... not really.

I borrowed the pirated VCD from a friend (who is a Protestant). We watched the first half (Disc 1) together in the lab after we're done with our work. When we were waiting for the 2nd disc to load, something happened... it failed to run.

Wow. It's wholly... terrifying and not impressive at all! The first part has already freaked me out! When I saw Silas (wondering if his name is spelt correctly) 'chastitising' his body in front of the Crucifix, I just couldn't imagine what the non-Christians and non-Catholics would think about! The worst part was, my friend fell asleep after a while. That proved how unimpressive the story is. I almost fell asleep too! A few friends of mine also commented that the book seems to be more interesting than the movie.

Would I go for the 2nd half of the movie? I don't know. If my friends have the VCD or DVD and offer to lend me, then most probably I'll continue the 2nd half. I'm interested in how Robert Langdon find out about the 'truth'. I always love to know how people solved a mystery. Apart from that, the distorted truths can do no harm to me since I've knew the Ultimate Truth.

Diego at My Journey to Sainthood will be posting his review on the movie very soon. He has read the book and is planning to watch the movie.
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