May 18, 2006

Gifts on Pentecost

Pentecost is just 2 weeks away. Are you praying for the gifts of the Holy Spirit during its outpouring on Pentecost? What particular gift are you expecting?

A Catholic Life has posted this: A draw can be madee (if you requested it) to pick the fruit/gift of the Holy Spirit which you can pray for this Penticost.

Why not drop by and give it a try? It works for me. But first, please say a prayer to the Father before placing your request.

I received the gift of Counsel and the fruit of Patience. Truly, it is the Lord's will to give me these. He knows that I need help in decision-making and that I lack patience. I'll be praying for these two gift and fruit for the coming Pentecost.

Photo courtesy Christian United Kids.
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