Apr 15, 2006

The Empty Tabernacle

[Post inspired by Holy Saturday reflection from The Presentation Ministries.]

As I arrived in church just now I noticed something -- the empty tabernacle. I stared at it for a while. For that very moment, I felt so lost and so empty inside. I did not know if I should genuflect or not before sitting down, but after thinking for a while, I decided not to. There wasn't Eucharistic presence in the church, for what and to whom should I bow down in adoration?

The empty tabernacle represented the empty heart of mine. I realized right then that I need Him right here in my heart, for He is the driving force of my life.

"We who are living our Baptisms to the full are so joined to Jesus that we miss Him terribly when we are deprived of His presence. When we have centered our lives on the Mass, we miss His presence in the Eucharist so much because we love Him so much." (Presentation Ministries)

Did you feel the same way too? Did you miss Jesus when you saw the empty tabernacle tonight? Or did you even realize that He is missing?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Indeed, it does. If I had not noticed the empty tabernacle tonight, I would not have known how important He is to me, how much I have loved Him, how much I have needed Him.

As you get to church later for Easter Vigil, remember to let Him know that you love Him too.
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