Apr 12, 2006

Medjugorje is real!

Here's the story shared by Sister Emmanual, a testimonial by her friend from the US. Worth reading and contemplating upon...

“In July 2004, one month before the most awaited celebration of my marriage in the Church, I was attending mass regularly after a 35 year interruption. The preparation for my children’s Baptism (10 and 14 years old) was progressing smoothly, and I was slowly discovering more and more spiritual readings. I had heard the messages of the Gospa and dug out an old Bible that belonged to my father. I then placed it on my bedside table intending to start reading it.

That night, I had an incredible dream. My husband and I (we had been in a civil marriage for the last 12 years) were in a sailing boat, one of those live- aboard types. It was on automatic pilot, since we were both very busy inside the boat. There was always a lot to do down below, and none of us really wanted to be stuck at the helm for hours. We would pop our heads up from time to time, just to make sure there was no immediate danger lurking somewhere, but soon we would be back inside, busy with more pressing things.

And then all of a sudden we were hit with bad weather. We were taken by surprise. The boat was tossed right and left, up and down and we were very scared. Then an even bigger wave hit us and the boat flipped onto its side. We were terrified. But the boat did not sink, it stayed on its side and drifted with the storm until it ran aground on an gorgeous sandy beach. We climbed out of the boat bewildered and still under the shock of what had just happened.

There, on the island, a beautiful Lady was waiting for us. With extreme gentle care, she took care of us. She put our boat back into shape, she repaired every sign of damage, and then she said to us: ‘You cannot continue on your journey with nobody at the helm. I will put somebody at the helm for you. And also, it is not reasonable to launch into such travels without a good map’. So, she gave us a very large book and bade us farewell. We sailed away and when I opened the book, it was the Bible.

A year later, my Bible was still on the bedside table, mostly unopened. That summer, I received an invitation to join a Bible study group that was launching a program called “Bible Time Line.”

Since then I have been reading the Bible more and more, every chance I get. I turn to it constantly and I have come to understand the daily Mass readings much better. I share with my children all my discoveries as soon as the opportunity arises (I have put a white board in their bathroom, and there I write a Scripture verse every time something particularly strikes me They love to discover the new writings that appear regularly).

I believe the Gospa saved me twice. The first time when she called me to Medjugorje in April 2003, and the second time when she gave me that dream that lead me to discover the Word of her Son Jesus. Dear Gospa, my mother from Heaven, I thank you!"

So what do you think? Do you still doubt Our Lady?

Photo courtesy Medjugorje.
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