Apr 7, 2006

What Lent Really Is

"We have to understand what makes the value of Lent! It is not so much about making many sacrifices or imposing a thousand renouncements on ourselves. No, this is not what Lent is. Rather, it is following the example of Jesus with humility and simplicity. It is a matter of doing everything according to our heart. Whatever the renouncements or penance I choose, the value of my offering resides in the love with which I offer it. Besides this, may no one know what I am offering anything up for Lent. The Gospa is also asking that, ‘In your homes, kneel down and pray the Sorrowful Mysteries for my intentions.’

Above all, it is important to free ourselves from everything that troubles our hearts. This is what pleases our Lord and the Gospa the most. Everything else, sacrifices and offerings, are for the purification of our souls.The Lord does not expect us to do many things, but He looks at our hearts and at the quality of the love we put in all things. He also expects our joy. Then He is happy, much happier than when He receives forced sacrifices. What is forced is not very valuable.

Another beautiful thing is to follow Jesus in His Passion and live with Him all the moments that He suffered for us, when He offered Himself for us. We should gradually get closer to Him in His suffering.During this Lent, we can ask the Lord to renew us and give us a new life, so that by the end of Lent we will be a new person. It would make no sense to remain the same at the end of Lent! I should ask for the grace to be better at the end of Lent than I am at the beginning. This is the most beautiful fruit of Lent.” - Vicka, March 14
© Children of Medjugorje 2006

I know this post is a little too late, since we're now at the end of Lent and beginning of Holy Week. But then, this may not be only for Lenten reads. Should we not do these every moment of our lives?
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