Apr 10, 2006

My personal view on Medjugorje

When I first read of this post I was really upset. I don't understand why this reader have to do that. Is it really necessary?

If I were a non-Catholic and I read about this kind of disagreement that happened in the Catholic church, I would be laughing and thought: "They say they are the one true and universal church, but look what happened, they themselves have problem believing in the woman they claimed to be their Holy Mother, and worse still, there are even people who 'boycotte' blogs/posts that display Her messages! What a joke!"

Well, that person's action was really uncatholic.

When I first heard of this place called Medjugorje and Mary's messages, I was sceptical too until I noticed that all of Her messages are aimed at leading Christians back to Her Son. And that was when I firmly believe that the apparitions are real. Some people from my parish have been to Medjugorje, some are planning now for a trip there next year. I have also heard of the amazing stories brought back from Medjugorje, and I actually have hoped to make a trip there one fine day.

It may not be officially approved by the Church, yes, but would there be any harm if we believe in the apparitions and Our Lady's messages? For me, it is wiser to just believe and take up Her messages and put Her requests into practice, because by doing so we can grow closer to Jesus... and most importantly, I'd love to go straight to Heaven to see the One I love face to face.

I've got an article about the recent miracle that happened to a woman, but I don't have time to post it this time (next post, I promise). Moneybags has posted his beautiful sharing and view on Medjugorje, a must read.

For my post to come, I would be talking about Naju, Korea. [Am in a hurry, the library is closing!]

God bless!
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