Apr 3, 2006

My 4th Week of Lent

Not so bad I guess. Besides having to face two unreconciled friends (and feeling guilty when I was with the other), I have been sitting in front of the computer most of the time and rushing through my assignments (thesis, to be exact) to meet the deadline (1st draft - 10 April). Once in a while the s*** word appeared. Oh well, I'm totally stressed out and have been eating quite a lot this week. Hopefully I didn'nt gain any weight (I really wish I'm slimmer!). =P

However... I forgot my night prayers and daily reflections, and the worst thing is, I just figured out that we're at the end of Lenten season but I haven't been to Confession!!!! (I'm sorry Lord!!!) Next week is Holy Week, so I don't think I'll be able to make it to the Confession. I'll most probably make it on the Divine Mercy Sunday. Lord, help me to make it!

This week, there are things which I really need to do for this last week of Lent: 1) Fast on one meal a day; 2) Steal time to pray wherever I am, whatever I am doing; 3) Practice patience, humility and chastity; 4) Put my trust in God fully... and whatever things that come into my mind this week. Keep me in your prayers, please.

Alrights, have to pack and go to the uni now. God bless your 5th Week of Lent.
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