Aug 23, 2005

7th Year of Real Catholic-hood

Has anyone of you ever celebrated your baptism anniversary, or remembered your First Holy Communion or Confirmation besides birthdays and wedding anniversaries? I guess none, or only one or two will. My fellow church youths, for example, not even one of them remembered when they received the sacrament of Confirmation. For me, nothing is more important than the day I said 'Yes' to the Lord.

I received Confirmation 7 years ago, at Sacred Sacrament Church. I was like a crazy person that day - was overwhelmed with joy, joy and only joy. I couldn't keep my mouth closed, I smiled the whole day, no no, in fact the whole week! Now, let me see, how should I describe my joy? It was like you are finally wedded with the guy whom you've loved for your whole life!

I guess the best way to celebrate this anniversary is to offer up a thanksgiving Mass. Too bad, I won't have that opportunity today. I'm 'stranded' in Unimas.

Of all the hard times I've been through, Lord you're the only one who's been always there for me. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for always being there.
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