Aug 5, 2005

My Birthday Celebration

=) I bet many of my friends are waiting to hear about my birthday celebration. Well, I went out with my 'twin' friend, her boyfriend, and another two housemates. We dined at Thai Restaurant, really enjoyed the food and ate to our hearts' content! But I didn't enjoy myself.

Actually I have everything well-planned: When everyone's away celebrating my 'twin's' birthday, I would be able to lock myself in my room and have a little conversation with the Lord. What else can I do? There's no way my wish will come true anyway. So this is the only quiet time I have. But then, I decided to 'sacrifice' my plan for the sake of my 'twin' and my room-mate. My housemate was pretty shocked when he heard that I was going, so I joked that if I didn't go my 'twin' would be angry. She heard it, and she didn't talk to me for the whole night. So during the dinner, I kept 100% mute. Well, what can I say? I have totally nothing to talk about, and I was totally not interested in their conversation. I believe they even bought a birthday cake for the two of us to cut. But when we got home from the dinner, I told them straight in the face that I have already cut a cake and blown the candles, and I would not do it again, so just let the birthday girl who hasn't cut the cake do it, and then went straight into my room.

I'm expecting her to be really angry with me that time. But I'm more angry with her. Our ex-housemate bought a cake for us but she couldn't join us due to her sickness, so she asked our another ex-housemate to celebrate with us after lunch. My 'twin' didn't turn up. Her excuse for not coming - LAZY. That's a really LOUSY excuse! Since she wasn't there, so I cut the cake, and blew out the candles. I even carried half of the cake back home just for her, was walking really fast under the hot sun and I almost passed out because of the heat. What did I get out of that? NOTHING. She wasn't even interested to know who were there with me. Not even a thank you.

She still doesn't understand why I refused to go (anywhere) in the first place. The reason is simple: I feel very uncomfortable when her boyfriend is around. Whenever he is there, I can't talk to her freely. And I cannot tolerate it when they keep looking each other in the eyes and feeding each other in front of me (I tried, but I can't!). She will have to make a choice: If she wants to go out with us friends, her boyfriend should not follow; if he wants to follow, they should 'behave' themselves and no 'lovers activities'. Many of my friends warned me not to tell her that, for it will be a tough decision for her. My room-mate commented that it might ruin our friendship. Since the both of us are having a deep conflict now, it will be wiser for me to keep quiet and keep out of sight. Silence is the best solution for now.

That's the sad side of the story that doesn't worth remembering. Now the happy moments. To Man Kheong, TKY and Meng Yew, thank you for the fungus-infested 2 pieces of bread, it was such a 'brilliant' idea, such an a vant-garde!! To Bee Khim and Leena, thanks for the cross bracelet, it's really nice! The whole class sang birthday song for me! Thank you all, my dearest coursemates!! I was really touched!! Got 2 free meals from Sarah, SuYin and Yea Wen. My sincere thanks goes to each of you - you are such a buddy!! YenLi, thanks for the great cheese cake, it was YUMMY! Can we have a bigger one next year? (Kekekeke) And Mayza, thank you for the greatest and most creative birthday card I've ever received. You made me smile!! And for all the well-wishers who sent me sms: CK (thanks pal!), Jovita, Kathy, Sharlene, Jisis, Leslie Darling (=P), Sharon and Cecilia, thank you!! Although I didn't receive as much gifts and wishes compared to my 'twin', all your little deeds have already made my day! Nothing is more precious than doing small things with great love. Thanks to all of you! *flying kisses sending your way*

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techwilson said...

mei, thats normal things when we are going out dinner with partner
i'm sooo... biasa with those already, worse some of my friend even kiss at birthday dinner, no doubt about it i also feeling no good with it, but the beautyful things they joy we will not understand till we have one partner, human being born with feeling and a need of love, we have to glad and feel happy for friends that already having partner, all of my classmate lastime is maried, some got children already, i help 4 of my friend in there wedding for taking photo and driver.........