Aug 28, 2005

I Miss Him

Everytime I visit Ukok's blog, the memory of Pope John Paul II came back to me. I know it's been a long time (a few months) since he returned to the Father, but I miss him still, even until today. I just don't seem to be able to get him out of my mind.

I don't know why I miss him that much. I've not met him personally, nor have I seen him in person. But why? Why do I miss him?

It feels like there's a special bond between him and me. The bond that connects all Christians to the Father. And the same bond that binds each of our Christian heart together.

When he was still alive (yes, I know that he's still alive now in spirit, but I mean when he's alive on earth), I always imagined myself as a little girl who is held in his arms. I've been looking forward to the day I'm able to hug him and be blessed by him. But now, those are scattered dreams. I know I'll not be seeing him until I'm dead too.

I've never been to World Youth Day, but have been praying that the next one would be somewhere near Malaysia. And guess what, the Lord answered my prayer. =) I was dancing with joy when I knew about it (and my friends thought I was insane)! When I think of World Youth Day, I think of Pope John Paul II. *sigh* God willing, I hope to meet Pope Benedict.
Sydney, here I come! Hehe... =P Pope Benedict... here I come too!!!

.:.Sending my love and regards to Pope John Paul II through my humble prayers.:.
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