Aug 28, 2005

I wonder...

After reading the comments given by my friend, CK, I start to wonder if I'm doing the right thing.

At first, I wanted so badly to be in the field of Biotechnology, dealing with genes with all kinds of organisms. But then I thought, I'm not God and so I shouldn't be acting God, besides I don't want to upset Him. So I didn't make it to Biotechnology program but stayed in the Aquatic Resource program till now.

I'm pretty happy with the current program, it's all about environment and its management. Well, at least I'm not against the Lord but working to protect the world He has created for the human race. But then... my final year project is on the fishes of a river in Sarawak where a dam will be built. We will be collecting the fish samples by using electro-shocking, that would mean that all the fishes around that area will be knocked out. It's not my idea ok, it's totally my supervisor's. So here's the problem: are we doing the right thing? I'm killing the fishes, not one or two, but thousands!

One more thing that I've been thinking for a long time. I'm worried whenever friends or relatives ask me this question: What job are you planning to do when you graduated? My answer will always be: I don't know. If I stay in Malaysia, most probably I might not get the job I want; if I plan to work in some other countries like Australia or New Zealand where there are lots of job opportunities for me... my parents wouldn't let me go to places out of Kuching. Sad, eh? No wonder I'm unable to learn to be independent at times.

Hmm.. guess I shouldn't be thinking too much? Today has its own problem, and tomorrow has its own too. I should just live today to the fullest and leave tomorrow to the Lord. What do you think?
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