Aug 18, 2005

City Girls with Convo Balloon

*Rolling on the floor laughing*

These are the two classmates I always hang out with, and they love to 'feed' me. (No wonder I put on so much weight, eh?) If you want to know why we can get along so well, it's because we are one of the kind. Don't believe me? See the photos below...

Sarah: "I wish this is our convocation."

Su Yin: "Yeah... me too..."

Su Yin: "Hi Saraaah!!! I seeee yooouuu!!!"

Audrey: "Oiii char boh (lady), look at the sky larrr!"

Su Yin: "Saraaahh~~~~!! It's a ballooooon!!!"

Sarah: "... ... ... ^_^''' "

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