Aug 28, 2005

Some Updates

My apology to friends who are not Catholic. I haven't been blogging on my life lately. Ever since I found the Catholic blogs and bloggers, ideas keep on coming so I blog on those ideas first. Don't worry, I'll be updating you on my life every now and then. I can't blog too much on my religious life, or else I'm sure some of you might start to think that I've gone nuts. =P

I want to thank Mark for listing me in his great blog. You have given me the opportunity to get opinions from other Catholics. Thank you! I don't have the desire to become one of the best blogger like Kenny Sia, but I hope that the others can read and share with me whether or not I'm in the right track... I don't want to get lost! I also want to thank Ukok for visiting my humble blog. And of course, thanks to the other readers too.

Ok, back to my campus life. My two mid-term paper is over. *phiew* And next week, it's our one week holiday! Yay! *grin* BUT... I'm not giving myself any holidays. I'll be going back to campus this coming Monday, 'cos I've promised my supervisor to help him ID the fish samples he collected. Actually, it's not compulsory but I took the job because I know I can learn something new. My supervisor said this will be a good training for me since my thesis is on identifying fishes too. I'll be paid RM30 (approx. USD8) for 6 hours per day. I'm pretty happy with the pay, didn't expect him to give me that much. (Photo caption: That's the lab I'm working in, that's me working with ethanol to preserve the fishes.)

I'll be staying alone in the hostel since all my housemates are away for holiday. I've never stayed alone before, so I'm sure this will be quite a challenge for me. My parents advised me not to take the job. They said I might not have the time to do revision. Guess I need to have a good time management then: revise Remote Sensing for the forth coming midterm exam, finish my final draft of proposal and Ecotoxicology assignment, and get started with my final year project report, AND blogging. =D

Perhaps I should take this opportunity to learn cooking. Don't be surprised, I DON'T know how to cook. I always watch my mom and housemates cook, and I have lots of ideas but never had the chance to try out. So should I try, or should I not? If it didn't turn out tasty, it's definitely okay for me 'cos I'm willing to try again. But what if I burnt the kitchen?!

Well, let's hope I'll have a fruitful holiday. ;)


Prince of Darkness said...

Good for you gal. Done with exam, and holiday coming soon. As for me, now we are on one week holiday as well but then mid - term's coming up right after holiday and assignment's right behind the exam. Darn, packed with papers now. Poor little fishy, you've got to be preserved by this gal, to all the fish out there, avoid this gal if you do see her, or else you'll be preserved!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE...

I seriously think that it's good to learn more stuff Aud. Working is a good challenge but learn how to cook is also essential. What will you do if there are no shops open? Then you'll have to eat grass if you don't know how to cook.

Audrey said...

Haiyo Ck... dun 'shoo' the fishes away.. do you want me to fail my final year project?! Don't worry, the shops will be open, cos not many go back to their hometown during this holiday. It's just a one-week holiday. Hey..let's say I really can't cook, at least I can go to the coffee shop and eat... DUH!