Aug 19, 2005

Unimas Convocation Photo Gallery

There was a Convocation Fest at the university I study in, so I also went and have a little crazy fun. Took some photos, which you can see below. Sometimes, I just wish that I'm graduating this year, just couldn't wait to put on the square-hat! I'm just hoping that everything will go on smoothly this year, so next year this time, it will be my turn, my graduation!!

These are some of the photos took during the convo fest. Enjoy looking at our craziness!

How's the background? Nice eh? We took that right after we had our lunch. Saw the mocha-blended I was holding? The guy with yellow shirt gave me a treat! He's such a gentleman...

Hehe.. that's my darling skeleton.... (Geeee.. sounds like in the 'Night Before Christmas'). Right after we went for health screening. Guess what, I shrunk. I thought I used to be 163cm, but now I'm only 161.5cm. *sniff sniff* Anyway, do I look fat?

Introducing my junior in secondary school - a doctor-to-be! He's really good-looking, isn't he? Su Yin is totally attracted by him. Hehe. Hey SuYin, jealous or not? I took a pic with him wor... =P Anyone interested? No way! He's mine! I won't let you have him!!! Hahahahaha... =P

A view of the stage in the hall. This was where the convo was held. The decoration was really really nice! That guy beside me was sitting on the Chansellor's seat (How dare he!)!!

We played... errm.. what do you call that? Uno stackers? Nay... we're not using Uno, we were using Jenga. Jenga stackers?! Haha. Anyways, this is a special room for counselling. That time, they were about to close the room but then they have to wait for us to finish our game. Haha.. Guess who made the bricks fall? Of course not me!

What else can I say? I enjoyed myself. And was really glad that I get to know the guys better. ;) AND......... I wish I can graduate soon!!!

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