Aug 21, 2005

The Family of Catholic Bloggers

Silly me. I've wasted at least 3 hours a week browsing through blogspot to search for Catholic bloggers, but I found none. I was so so disappointed.

Last night, while I was browsing the blogs using the navigation bar, something struck me. Why not just use Yahoo search? I did, and I found a whole list of blogs by Catholics. If only I've done that earlier, I wouldn't have wasted so much time online!

What surprises me was that even the priests blog. That is really amazing! And one or two of them are among the best Catholic bloggers. Unbelievable, eh? I'm really glad to find that I belong to the family of Catholic bloggers... glad that there are people like me out there. Hopefully I'm able to learn from their experiences, and share mine with them too.

Perhaps this time onwards, I shall blog more on my spiritual life.
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