Aug 5, 2005

My special thanks goes to... bestest friend, CK. Hey pal, I'm really touched by the great poem. I shall always remember that and all the things you've said.

Yeah, 10 years! Unbelievable, eh? How time flies! It's really amazing that we've gone this far! I'm just glad I found you! ;)

Don't worry, I'll take every opportunity to meet up with you whenever you're back here in Kuching. Well, what choice do I have? Chances like that won't come so easy, so the only way is to seize the moment, right?

I promise you, buddy, distance will never cause our friendship to grow dim. Even if you have to go earlier than me, I'll be visiting your grave, even when nobody does, I'll be there.

Hey you know what? My church friends all said that I don't look THAT old at all. One of the aunties even asked me whether I'm 21 now. Hehehehe... not bad eh? Sorry ah if I make you feel old. =P

You take care too, ok? And thanks for everything. Love you lots. ;)
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