Aug 21, 2005

Lifestyle of Worship

Society may appear to hinder worship, but actually worship dominates society. A new worship is the only force that can stifle another worship. - Presentation
Ministries, 2005

I find this statement very true.

Some people say that they are free-thinkers, but in fact, they worship themselves.

Some admit that they are Christians, but they give a hundred and one reasons for not going to church on Sundays -- they worship money, pleasure and the work they do.

In the modern world today, people worship the false gods - money, work, pleasure and sex. What aboout the real, one and only God? Nay, that God has established too many irrelevant and unlogical laws and requirements that make people's life difficult, so who cares? Obviously, the worship of this world has increased while the worship of the true God has decreased.

Sometimes, my faith was shaken by the unbelievers. They said, God is just something or someone abstract and unrealistic, so why worship the so-called God? He is just a belief for people to hold on to when they are in trouble, to give them a feeling of comfort. Well, a bunch of crap, isn't it? Those are the lies of the demon that almost caused me to fall.

If you are really a disciple of Christ, rejoice, for you are in the right path. =) Let us together make our life a worship to God. For the unbelievers, let's prayfor them and the conversion of sinners. For the luke-warm Christians, it's time to change your lifestyle.

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