Aug 18, 2005

Me and French

I've been taking French as a complementary subject for more than a month now. I enjoyed myself in the class. Well, French sounds funny. And just imagine us who don't know french at all to speak french all of a sudden. I know I sound funny, but feel somewhat fortunate for the opportunity I've got to learn an extra language.

In case you don't know, French is the second international language after English. I wonder if any of you ever noticed that French people don't speak good English, or they just cannot speak English at all. If you don't believe me, just pop into any French chatroom and find out for yourselves. For that French lecturer of mine, he speak pretty good English even though his french accent is really obvious (ahh hem Sir, you gotta thank me for the good compliment... hehe). In France, all English will be translatted into French, including English movies/series. That's why they don't know English. You should feel proud to be able to converse in so many languages. Me, for example, je parle anglais, Mandarin, Foochow, Hokkien, Cantonese, Malay et un peu Francais (I speak English, Mandarin, Foochow, Hokkien, Cantonese, Malay and a bit of french).

Here's the photo I quietly snapped when we took a 5 minute's break (hehe, hey I'm a paparazi-to-be!). My appology for the photo isn't really clear. So, any comments? Handsome or not? Many students took the subject just because they want to see him. One of my friends is totally crazy about him! But then, he doesn't seem to attract me at all. But honestly, he's pretty cute when he's lecturing. I don't really like him actually. He's one of the typical French people who likes to praise his own country. Give you one example: they don't call 'W' as 'double-U' but as 'double-V'. So he said, French people are smart. But I say, you French people thought too much, no wonder you become so abnormal. Haha.

Owh, by the way, his name is... of course I can't tell you his name! Anyway, you can call him Mr. Point (pronounced as 'Pua' - strange, eh?). 31 years old (if I'm not mistaken), un celibataire but not available anymore. His girlfriend is.... oh well, how do I know?! I've never seen her before.

Ok ok, enough about him. If anyone of you are interested in getting his email address, leave me a message. (Hahaha, just kidding! Why should I do that?!)

P/s: Bonjour Mr.Point, just in case you saw this, you are really cute, ok? Oh, but then I have one simple request, can you please speak un peu louder next time? I can't really hear the pronunciation clearly. Thank you so so the much. =P God bless you!
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